Secretary General

Alexander Scriba

Alexander is a second-year student majoring in Computer Science. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa where he grew up and attended school. He moved to Hong Kong in 2019 which quickly became another home for him. Upon arrival Alex immediately joined the MUN secretariat, running the Admin team. For him MUN is a platform to engage himself and think outside the box, while celebrating the different cultures. MUN has enabled him to broaden his understanding of the world and enjoy engaging debate in hopes of bettering the world. As Secretary General, he aspires to continue to share MUN with his peers, even in these trying times amidst the global pandemic. He looks forward to a fun year and learning more from his fellow MUNers.

Deputy Secretary General

Brinda Mehra

Brinda is a fourth year student majoring in Psychology. She has been an avid participant in MUN since eight grade, where she found immense joy in pointing out mistakes in the delegate of US’s resolutions. She proceeded to work her way up the hierarchical ladder by becoming the Secretary General at her high school MUN. She enjoys debate, geopolitical issues and good cold coffee, all of which are available in abundance at MUNs. Brinda uses MUN as an opportunity to develop her leadership skills as well as her general knowledge of issues around the globe. She looks forward to this new chapter of CityUMUN and is incredibly excited to be a part of this journey. She cannot wait to see how all participants tackle various pertinent global issues

The Executive Committee



Internal Secretary

Matthew Chamberlin

Academic Manager

Angelina Molchanova

Finance Secretary

Matthew David Betty

Academic Secretary

William Kerr-Phillips

Administration Manager

Bharadwaj Santhosh

Academic Secretary

Karen Leung Ka Wing

Administration Secretary

Enes Akyuz


Finance Manager

Joshua Bailey

Administration Secretary

Shreyash Kawle



External Secretary

Nicholas Jun-Kong Ching

IT Manager

Natasha Emanuelle Utama

Operations Secretary

Gloria Andry Putri

Marketing Secretary

Jason Wong

IT Manager

Sameed Sajid

Operations Secretary

Chak Hang

External Relations Manager

Ritvik Raina

Operations Manager

Phitchayapha Sitthitan

Marketing Manager


Media Team Secretary

Lin Yi Chieh

Operations Secretary

Kyla Danella Fernandez

Marketing Secretary

Syed Fahadullah Hussaini