Daria Kaneva
Secretary General
Daria is a third year student double majoring in Politics and Business Management. Born in Russia, she has spent most of her life in Hong Kong and sees it as her second home. Daria has participated in six Model United Nations Conferences, including representing CityU in the UA-MUNC in Geneva, and the NTUMUN Conference in Singapore last year. She is passionate about finding solutions to contemporary global issues, and sees MUN not only as a platform to develop her research and public speaking skills, but also to establish global connections and challenge existing perceptions in a constructive way. As the Secretary General, she hopes not only to share her expertise with others, but to learn from her fellow MUNers.
Janie Chan
Deputy Secretary General
Janie is a final year local student majoring in English Studies. She has been enjoying her MUN life, both as a committee member and as a delegate. And the universe heard her - This year she is serving as the Deputy Secretary General of CityUMUN.She takes the floor MUN offers to challenge herself even more, learning to be an empathic leader,to drive the best outcome through motivation and cooperation. She believes the interconnectedness of people will eventually bring good health to one’s ability and creativity. As an advocate of love and peace, a sharp speaker with diplomatic manner and a creative thinker of solutions, Janie pens her next chapter here where she began, and she is thrilled to read how CityUMUN will grow and evolve.
Osama Nasar
External Secretary
Osama Nasar is a Year 2 Civil Engineering student from Pakistan. Currently, the External Secretary for CityUMUN. He has been active in the MUN circuit for over five years now and his first MUN conference in Hong Kong was the CityUMUN - UNSC committee, where he won the ‘Honourable Mention Award’. This riveting experience allowed him to realise how much fascination is directed towards public speaking platforms especially in Hong Kong. For him, MUN conference is a tool to strengthen his public speaking and interpersonal skills. The medium in MUN is not just used to present points rather it is used to offer proper justification and being aware of past-oblivious global issues and engaging in fruitful discussions where you hone your persuasion skill-set and simultaneously act in a meaningful way, hence turning you into an ambassador of diplomacy.
Evelyn Miller
Internal Secretary
Evelyn Miller is a year four under-graduate student of the English Department and is from the United States of America. She is the Internal Secretary for this year’s MUN and is participating ISARMUN in Munich, Germany. As a full time international student she has had the honor to meet many different people from around the world and learn about their cultures and countries. Model UN has given her the opportunity to have a broader understanding on how to solve global issues and to work with others towards viable solutions.
Zhanna Mushkenova
Operations Manager (Conference)
Zhanna is currently a first-year International student from Kazakhstan, who studies Biomedical Sciences at City University of Hong Kong. She believes that MUN is a golden opportunity to develop collaborative skills and competence to International Relations. MUN community does not restrict members in terms of personality, conversely, encouraging them to be more comprehensive. As Operations (Conference) Manager she aims to contribute to CityU MUN while simultaneously developing communication and organizational skills.
Radhika Banbah
Events Manager (Conference)
Radhika Banbah is a second year student majoring in Psychology. She was born in India but lived the majority of her life in the Philippines. She was an active part of her high school MUN. Having gained a rich experience, she decided to join CityU MUN. She is interested in MUN because she wants to understand world events and form her own opinions, after looking at them from different perspectives. She believes it’s important that MUN gives delegates the opportunity to explore and understand international affairs. Further, her multi-cultural background uniquely prepares her in understanding world politics from different and diverse point of views .
Shreya Rai
Digital Creative Media Manager
Shreya is a third-year majoring in Creative Media. Having been exposed to MUN since high school, she has always found it fascinating how people, no matter how young, can be so passionate towards global issues and actually listen to different perspectives even when it’s hard to do so. Furthermore, she believes that MUN is a great platform for everyone; for meeting people from different backgrounds, for public speaking and just being able to educate yourself on different contemporary issues in a more thrilling way.
Mahum Shaikh
Events Manager (International Night)
Mahum, a Hong Kong born Pakistani, is a second-year Computer Science student. She believes that MUN is an outstanding opportunity to not only augment her knowledge on present-day events and international affairs, but also to mingle with people of all walks of life, backgrounds and opinions. MUN has aided her in ameliorating her public speaking skills, strengthening her self-confidence, and developing relationships with other MUN enthusiasts. If you are somebody who loves having intense discussions about the ever-changing world and its very important global affairs, and is interested in connecting with other global citizens, she highly recommends you to participate in MUN.
Sagar Sarraf
Operations Manager (International Nights)
Sagar is a second year Advanced Standing student majoring in Marketing. He was born in India and grew up in Thailand. He has a global mindset and is eager to discuss world affairs; which MUN allows him to do. Being a third culture kid has made him interested in the issues of different countries and has presented him with opportunities to express his opinions. MUN offers everyone the opportunity to enhance their public-speaking skills, teamwork skills, and debating skills among many others. CityU MUN has given him the chance to interact with people from varied backgrounds, and learn even more about the world.
Christopher Jun-Fong Ching
Administrative Manager
Christopher is a 1st year Global Business Major from South Africa. He attended his first MUN Conference in 2018 and will also participate in the conference in Munich of the same year. MUN has taught Christopher valuable skills in networking, public speaking, debating and many other soft skill areas. However, it has done more than teach a few lessons. It has given him the opportunity to travel; experience foreign cultures first hand yet most importantly it has allowed him the chance to grow- grow in knowledge, experience, and character. MUN facilitates a unique experience that helps multilateral growth in all facets of life. MUN is a rare and special opportunity that Christopher grasped and hopes others will also see the same value in it.
Pierre Gildenhuys
Academics Manager
Pierre Gildenhuys is a first-year Materials Engineering student from South Africa who has an interest in global issues. His view is that MUN is a good way to improve public speaking abilities while learning and debating current issues which affect various people at home and abroad. He sees Model United Nations as a good way to meet others and form connections in different facets of life so as to create a network with which he can debate and talk about these issues that aren’t discussed enough.
Aisha Cheung
Web Developer
Aisha is a Year 3 Engineering Student Majoring in System Engineering and Engineering Management at CityU. She believes the important of co-operation. After all, no country can stand alone when facing an international crisis, especially one like global warming. MUN as a simulation of United Nations gather elites to research and come up with consensus in working papers. She is amazed to be a part of CityU MUN and hopes to bring more people together.
Natalie Wong Tsz Ki
Finance Manager
Natalie is a year 3 local student majoring in BBA (Accountancy). She enjoys reading about local and global affairs. Being a part of the MUN family provides her a great way to share her passion with others. It will also be an opportunity for her to broaden her horizons through her exchange with different students from different cities. MUN is an amazing opportunity for her to interact with different people and learn the operations of such an organisation, which improves her leadership and communication skills. She believes that she can encourage students to care and contribute to the society while simultaneously engaging in social networking activities.
Tanya Balwani
Publications Manager
Tanya is in her third year of Media and Communications and intends to pursue research in Political Communications. Having spent her childhood shuffling through Hong Kong and India, her exposure to two distinct environments has contributed significantly to her understanding of cultures, which she expresses through her writing. Tanya attended her first Model United Nations conference in October 2018 and went on to win the Best Delegate award for her committee. She has also been chosen to represent CityU at the MUN conference in Munich this year as well as the Harvard WorldMUN in Madrid in 2019. She believes that MUN is a platform where one can truly test their ability to be persuasive and persistent. As Publications Manager, she hopes that CityU MUN becomes an integral part of your MUN career.
Zaid Ali
Finance Secretary
Zaid is a first year student from Pakistan majoring in Accounting. He chose this role because of his profound interest in accounting and finance. Besides this, he loves socialising with people from different cultures, religions and countries. Thus, this society is a perfect place for him to pursue his interests. He started his MUN experience since he was in high school and has participated in various local and international conferences including Harvard MUN 2017. He believes that MUNs not only enhances your knowledge about global issues but also develops your soft skills such as leadership, confidence and public speaking abilities that rewards you throughout your life. Moreover, this a place where you can build on your social circle and make lifelong friends.
Jhih-Kai SHIH
Operations Secretary (Conference)
Kai is a first-year Economics and Finance student from Taiwan. He attended his first Mun conference in October. For him, discussing the international events with people from different backgrounds and different perspectives is always fun. As a committee member, he believes that he will figure out every difficulty and bring the best to CityU MUN. He is looking forward to the this year’s MUN and all the experiences that will accompany it.
Gharib Numan
Operations Secretary (Conference)
Numan, a Hong Kong-born Pakistani, is a final year Aviation Management student. He has participated in social and community events for the past 10 years. He gained valuable experiences such as meeting Chief Secretary & other Lawmakers to share the issues of Employment problems and speaking in the Legislative Council about Equal Access Rights. He thinks now is the time for him to Join MUN to become a more active and concerned global citizen, and to take initiative beyond the classroom through extracurricular activity. He encourages other students to take part as there is no better platform than MUN to increase confidence and diplomatic skills.
Edison Ching
Operations Secretary (International Night)
Edison is a third year politics student. Having been an individual who pays constant attention to both the local and global issues, he finally found his place this year at Cityu MUN where can best feed his interest. He is also the Operative (International Night) Secretary this year. Through participating in a conference, he got a valuable opportunity to expose himself to different ideas and perspectives. In addition, it is the best place to make friends with people who share the same interest to him and who are from different backgrounds which can definitely add up to his cultural enrichment.
Saarthak Sikri
Academic Secretary
Saarthak is a first year engineering student. He attended his first MUN conference in October 2014, and since has been part of 11 conferences. His time at MUN has helped him understand the true value of such events in shaping a person to be more confident and organized, as well observing the vast range of different and unique viewpoints that different countries have to offer. He believes MUN opens up a new world of perspectives to everyone who attends, and is an opportunity that everyone should explore.
Sarah Lane Nasayao
Publications Secretary
Sarah is a year 4 student, studying Politics and Public Policy. Her passion for politics and international affairs was prompted by a research paper she wrote on the Media Representation of Refugees, which was then published in a student journal in City University of Hong Kong. She also accredits her explorative nature and political curiosity to being a ‘third-culture kid’. Sarah first joined CityU MUN in 2016, participating in her first university level MUN conference in HKUST MUN, discussing the Global Refugee Crisis. Sarah believes that MUN is a great platform to learn about global affairs, cultivate leadership, teamwork and diplomacy skills, as well as meet students from all walks of life.
Nissar Ahmed
Events Secretary (International Night)
Nissar is a second-year Finance student. Though he is ethnically from Pakistan, he was born and raised in Hong Kong. His First MUN experience was at HKUST MUN and ever since then, he has been fascinated with MUN in general as it is an explorative platform. He went on to participate in NTUMUN and hopefully many more MUNs to come. He believes that the overall MUN experience extends beyond council sessions. The other events are just as important and will make sure that the International Night of CityU MUN will be just as memorable and meaningful as the committees sessions.
Marie Li
Events Secretary (Conference)
Marie is a Psychology major at CityU, who enjoys studying and exploring the endless discoveries in the discipline. As her latest endeavor, she will be taking up the roles of a committee member and a delegate. She is eager to engage in the world of MUN, as she sees it as an amazing platform for building interpersonal skills and gaining knowledge; attributes that are key to success, in both academic and professional careers. She hopes to build connections with more people, be it through discussions and debates, or in coordinating conferences. Above all, she looks forward to experiencing the challenges and excitement this year brings.
Jae Im, Tracy
Events Secretary (Conference)
Jae Im Kim is currently majoring in the department of Media and Communication. As an enthusiast of the interconnectivity of art, business, and culture, she began to develop my interest when she had an opportunity to be part of a social media community, sharing the unification and diversity of art and culture. Being Korean in origin, she have always had a deep interest in the dynamic of creative industries and its widespread growth as an emerging field in the globalizing economy. Living and studying in Hong Kong gave me a newfound perspective of society because she experienced what it meant to be an individual between different societies with multifarious cultures.
Numan Koor
Digital Creative Media Secretary
Numan is a first year Economics and Finance student from South Africa. He participated in his first MUN conference in October of this year and has been chosen to represent CityU at the MUN conference in Munich this year as well as the Harvard WorldMUN in Madrid in 2019. Numan is an experienced public speaker and debater, and is passionate about politics and current affairs. He sees MUN as an incredible opportunity to grow your skills as a speaker and debater, expand your knowledge and understanding of current affairs and the complex world of multilateral politics, as well as meet and network with people from across the globe.
Cheyenne Chan
Administrative Secretary
Cheyenne is a second year linguistics student. She was born in the Philippines and lived in Xiamen, Hong Kong as well as Canada. She attended MUN during high school as an observer and joined the Press Corps in NTUMUN 2017, she was able to attain the award of Best Press Corps. It was a platform for her abilities on reporting and writing to be further enhanced. Being on the Press Corps was exhilarating for her, learning to have quick wit during interview sessions and perceive the underlying motives of various countries. She believes that joining MUN as a delegate or Press Corps is the best exemplify of having your own voice and standing up for your values.
Melinda Wong
Administrative Secretary
Melinda is a Year 2 local student majoring in biomedical science. Living in the global village of Hong Kong, she is urged to lead and bring changes to the world. She believes youth are the key leaders to contribute and fulfil Sustainable Development Goals, as suggested by the United Nations, in order to make the world a better place. She sees MUN as a place where she can equip herself with negotiation skills with people from different backgrounds. She is thrilled to meet new people and enthusiastically takes up challenges during MUN. She looks forward to every new encounter in MUN.
Leon Ng
Web Design Secretary
Leon is a first year Computer Science student who has found interest in both coding and international politics. He firmly believes that by proactively engaging in MUN conferences and discussions, one can better understand the principles of interaction among countries and people in this increasingly globalized world we live in, and build up confidence in oneself by experiencing conversations with people from nations across the globe. He also recognizes the importance of having both strong technical skills and good interpersonal relationship, and the MUN society at CityU is the perfect place for him to develop those skills.