Liam Colllins
Secretary General
Liam is a second year South African student. After having travelled abroad to Sydney and the UNHQ in New York last year, he discovered the importance of the UN in the bigger picture outside of this university. “City U MUN is brilliant because it’s greater than the conference room: it’s a step toward deeper collaboration, building global social capital and founding your future.” He deeply believes in the Chinese notion of Guanxi (关系) and has seen the fruition of this in his global MUN network. We encourage you to take the step to develop your Guanxi, to develop yourself, and to become part of the MUN family.
Monisha Kotwani
Deputy Secretary General
Monisha is a Year 3 Law Student at City University of Hong Kong. She aims to become a barrister-at-law in Hong Kong. She has been part of the City U MUN since 2016 as an events manager and now as a Deputy Secretary General. She possesses the skills to be a good leader and a team player. With her previous participation in the MUN Committee, she brings to the table the valuable experience she gained over the last year. She believes MUN to be a great platform that allows individuals to gain knowledge of the global issues as well as cast their own views regarding those issues. She is looking forward to meet different people and indulging in critical global issues.
Archit Choudhury
Internal Secretary
Archit is a sophomore studying Computer Science. Having been introduced to Model United Nations back in high school, he believes that it is the perfect forum for today’s youth to discuss global issues with tact and diplomacy and come up with innovative solutions for the same. Archit also recognises the increasing need to be a global citizen and he believes that MUN is essential to honing one’s understanding of international relations and cultural differences. Furthermore, he sees MUN as an amazing opportunity to make friends from all across the globe while improving on critical skills like research and public speaking.
Ramanpreet Kaur
External Secretary
Raman is a third year Finance student from the College of Business who loves to work closely with individuals of various backgrounds and with that motive she became a part of the MUN and has been involved for two years now. After holding the post of Operations Manager last year and accumulating personal experience and professional skills, she hopes to make full use of her assets to serve the MUN committee better as the External Secretary this year, while develop her organizational and communication skills further. She wishes to take this opportunity to not only engage and promote internationalism, as well as enlighten herself of the worldwide issues of today.
Monisha Scherbakova
Operations Manager Conference
Monisha is a third-year Computer and Data Engineering student from India. She attended her first MUN conference in February 2017 and went on to win the Best Delegate award for her committee. Her experience allowed her to understand that MUN is the perfect platform to not only learn about international relations and foreign affairs, but it is the best way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and cultivate your confidence. She believes that while good public speaking skills and knowledge might make a good delegate, but the ability to collaborate with others and bring people together is what makes a great one.
Kaur Pavendeep
Events Manager Conference
Pavendeep is a Year 3 Finance student. Being introduced to Model United Nations by friends and attending the International Night event, both piqued her interest in becoming a part of CityuMUN. Fostering the belief that building connections with people from different backgrounds is essential in today’s globalised world, hence with that purpose, she aims to to serve as the Events Manager Conference in the MUN Committee. In the course of her serving the committee, she hopes to enrich herself with communication and interpersonal skills as well as organisational skills, while enlarging her social circle by meeting students from various universities and experience collaboration. She also looks forward to broadening her knowledge regarding international affairs and their plausible resolutions.
Krishna Wadhwani
Digital Creative Media Manager
Krishna Wadhwani (Krishna Kanaiya) is a 3rd year Creative Media and Animation student. Art has been a huge part of her life ever since preschool. She began doing digital illustration and animation to expand her creative abilities in a completely new medium and for the purpose of being unrestricted by a canvas. Aside from her passion for art, she is also a freelance makeup artist partaking in photo shoots that span from editorials, commercial and special effects makeup. Joining MUN will allow Krishna to use her skills and talent in new methods to promote something that matters to people. It not only acts as a showcasing platform but as an educational one that will aid her communication, leadership and networking skills and allow her to meet new people who share a general mindset. Krishna views MUN as a community that works together and builds one another up. If anyone feels the need to brush up their public speaking, leadership, teamwork or diplomacy skills joining this platform would be a great start. Or if in general you are the type of person the cares about social issues and international topics then MUN would be a great extra-curricular activity.
Daniel Arnot
Events Manager International Night
Daniel Arnot was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. He attended St John’s College, after which he attended the University of Cape Town for half a semester before moving to City University in August of 2016. He is currently studying a bachelor of business administration in management, under the “Strategy and international management” stream. Daniel started his MUN career in his first year at CityU, and attended both the CityU and HKUST MUN’s within Hong Kong, and also travelled to both Sydney and New York to participate in MUN’s in each respective city. Daniel joined in an effort to improve his knowledge on current affairs and global relations, as well as to meet students of differing perspectives from all over the world. MUN also proved to be a great way to improve Daniel’s public speaking. MUN has helped Daniel to grow in that he is now far more confident when discussing varied opinions and withstanding conflict. He has also developed a global network of fellow MUN lovers from the international conferences he attended. MUN gives and individual insight into the workings of the UN and into the state of the world, and it is an experiential resource which is unmatched. Daniel encourages anybody with a desire to grow personally and socialise with people of different backgrounds and nationalities to join MUN. Why not be the best you possible?
Jemmima Gonsalves
Operations Manager International Nights
Jemmima Gonsalves is from Mumbai, India but has lived her entire life in Muscat, Oman before moving to Hong Kong to pursue her undergraduate studies in Bioengineering. Jemmima understands the importance of Model United Nations in shaping today’s youth as these mock conferences discuss pressing issues that concerns today’s world ranging from combating global terrorism to promoting access of education for girls. As these conferences simulate the actual proceedings of the United Nations, it exposes students to roleplay as delegates of countries increasing their knowledge of worldwide issues while also enhancing their leadership and diplomacy skills. Jemmima knows the significance of working effectively in an international environment with people from different cultures and hence, strongly urges her peers to grab any opportunity to deliberate at a mock conference.
Chloe, Sun Jin Lee
Administrative Manager
Chloe (Sun Jin Lee) was born in South Korea, and went to Korean public elementary school until 5th grade. After finishing up the first semester of 5th grade, she moved to Indonesia with her family for education. She attended an international school in Indonesia, and graduated in 2016. Now she is studying in City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Management. She joined MUN to broaden her perspectives by interacting with many people from different backgrounds. Furthermore, by engaging in many discussions and activities, she is expecting to make more friends and share lots of experience with each other. Since MUN also helps to develop your own morals and thoughts, it is very worthwhile to join MUN. It gives insights to world problems, issues and etc. Joining MUN can be also a good opportunity for people who want to have career in NGOs and international organizations since it helps you to prepare for the future.
Rohan Sabharwal
Academics Manager
Rohan is currently a second year student studying Energy Science in the School of Energy and the Environment. Being an alumni of Bishop Cottons Boys’ School, India, Rohan has been exposed to his fair share of MUN’s. He looks at Model UN’s as a way to pitching forth his innovative and bizarre ideas and as a platform for public speaking. He’s looking forward to this year’s CityU MUN and all the experiences that will accompany it.
Web Developer
Ansell is a second year Computer Science student from Indonesia. Apart from his love of technology, he also develops an interest in global issues and is always keen to keep his mind engulfed in the world of international affairs and global development. He strongly believes that being a part of MUN will allow him to not only develop his skills, but also to express his views and ideas on global issues as well as to gain a broader knowledge on the matter through different perspective.
Patricia Andrea
Finance Manager
Andrea is a second-year international student in Department of Accountancy. Coming from a country with diverse cultures—Indonesia—contributes in shaping her broad perspectives in responding to problems. More than national events, she realizes that knowledge of global affairs is very important and highly valued in this globalization era. She firmly believes she needs to sharpen her ability in communicating and conveying her thoughts while working with others; main reasons why she chose to join MUN. Furthermore, MUN surely will serve as a new challenge for her; in a way also be an unforgettable part of her undergraduate study journey.
Angeline Nicole Martin Corpuz
Publications Manager
Nicole is a Hong Kong born Filipino in her second year. Being raised in a Filipino family while learning Chinese culture since a young age, she has noticed how different cultures interact and affect each other. As a strong advocate of human rights, she believes that this interaction is the key to tackling global human rights issues. Being a part of the Model United Nations provides a platform for her to discuss different global issues and gain an insight to different stances. She hopes to contribute to the MUN family by assisting the publications department.

Natalie, Tsz Ki Wong
Finance Secretary
Natalie is a year 2 local student majoring in BBA (Accountancy). She always enjoys reading about both local and global affairs. Being a part of the MUN family provides her a great way to share her passions with others. It will also be an opportunity for her to broadens her horizons though her exchange with different students from different cities. Joining MUN is an amazing experience for her to interact with different people and learn the operations of this organisation, improving both her leadership and communication skills. She believes that she can encourage students to care and love the Earth they are living in, since she observes that a lot of local pupils only care about their own social life.
Emmanuella Feline
Finance Secretary
Feline Emmanuella is a second-year finance student from Indonesia. She believes that MUN is the best platform for youth to understand more about the current global issues. In today’s interconnected and globalised world, it is important to know what is currently happening globally and she joins MUN hoping that she can expand her knowledge about current global affairs as well as developing her interpersonal and organisational skills. Working and collaborating with other people will improve her teamwork and help her to learn about new culture too. Feline feels that it will be a wonderful and memorable experience for her to be part of MUN family.

Daria Kaneva
Operations Secretary Conference
Dasha is a second year Politics Major. Born in Russia, she has spent most of her life in Hong Kong and sees it as her second home. Dasha has always been passionate about finding solutions to contemporary global issues, and lending a helping hand to those less fortunate. She sees MUN not only as a platform to develop her research and public speaking skills, but also to establish global connections and challenge existing perceptions in a constructive way. Participation in MUN has allowed her to hone her diplomacy skills, which she hopes to apply in a future International Relations career. She is looking forward to learning about organising a conference of such scale in the coming academic year.
Poyni Desai
Operations Secretary Conference
Poyni Desai is third year Indian student. As she has studied in an international environment since the past 9 years, she has gathered a lot of experience in working with students of different backgrounds to organize and even perform at some of the events. That is also one of the main reasons why she has decided to join the MUN committee this coming academic year. She believes that joining the MUN committee will provide her with a good platform to develop leadership skills and soft skills. It would also be a good way to socialize. Working with people that she’s never worked with before would offer Poyni a chance to make new contacts and learn about new people and their cultural background. Poyni would encourage other individuals to join MUN because it gives a good chance to gather some leadership skills, be more outgoing as well as develop yourselves in other ways.
So Yeon Jung
Operations Secretary International Night
Soyeon Jung is a Year 1 student from Korea, studying Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Business. She has studied in several countries, including Korea, China, India and now here in Hong Kong for her university education. The experiences of studying in many countries with totally different cultures let her understands the importance of sharing ideas, which would leads to the most suitable and innovative solution for a global issue. This thought has guided her to join MUN which she believes it is a perfect platform to help her to communicate with people from different backgrounds, and improve her communication and public speaking skills.

Janie, Chan Yan Tung
Operations Secretary Conference
Janie is a year 3 local student majoring in English Studies. She loves reading. For that she reads the world as a book, through the lens of current affairs on global scene and remarkable authors on literature. Without any prior experience in MUN, she has decided to join MUN as a challenge to herself. To be an advocate of love and peace, to be a sharp speaker with diplomatic manner, to be a creative thinker of solutions and the list goes on. Greater responsibility has come as now she is an Operations Secretary, she sees the floor MUN provides as to strengthen her professional skills and build a diverse network through co-operation. She believes the interconnectedness of people will eventually bring good health to one’s ability and creativity. Her page one as a global citizen starts here, and she is excited to read the world cover to cover.

Sofia Levina
Publications Secretary
Sofia Levina is a second-year student majoring in Linguistics and Language Applications. Having an international background, she recognises the importance of understanding global problems for every human and believes that Model United Nations is an excellent platform to learn about issues all over the world, as well as to learn some ways to overcome those issues and find compromise even in critical situations. MUN is also an excellent opportunity to meet different people from various cultural backgrounds and to get to know about different cultures from the point of view of an insider.
Camroo Ahmed
Academic Secretary
Camroo is a second year Electronics and Communication Engineering student from Bangladesh. He believes in the importance of Model United Nations in reforming the diplomatic relations among all the nations as today’s youth will lead tomorrow’s world. Therefore, MUN is the learning platform for all the youths all over the world to tackle economic, social, cultural, security or humanitarian international problems and to establish unity and peace. He encourages all the fellow students to grab the opportunity of MUN.
Kowshik Balaji Thiagaragan
Events Secretary International Night
Kowshik is freshman studying Computer Science at City University of Hong Kong. He is interested in current political issues from around the world, and wishes to explore these issues and the circumstances surrounding them. From his experience as high school student president, he learned firsthand the importance of good leadership in any organisation. His other political interests involve researching and debating political positions and issues. In his home country of India, Kowshik attended a MUN conference and understood that MUN is a simulated platform where students confer and debate on global concerns. As a committee member of MUN, he now hopes to improve on the platform in order to attract more students into the world of politics. Furthermore, he believes MUN as an amazing platform to meet new people and improve his skills.
Shaikh Mahum Nayyar
Events Secretary International Night
Mahum, a Hong Kong born Pakistani, is a first-year Computer Science student. She believes that MUN is an outstanding opportunity to not only augment her knowledge on present-day events and international affairs, but also to mingle with people of all walks of life, backgrounds and opinions. MUN has aided her in ameliorating her public speaking skills, strengthening her self-confidence, and developing relationships with other MUN enthusiasts. If you are somebody who loves having intense discussions about the ever-changing world and its very important global affairs, and is interested in connecting with other global citizens, she highly recommends you to participate in MUN.

Sameer Kabani
Events Secretary Conference
Sameer is a 2nd year Computer Science student from Pakistan. Sameer believes that MUN is a great platform for the youth to learn about the issues that are affecting the society today, and also provides an opportunity to improve ones debating skills and meet new people. He looks forward to working to make CityU mun a memorable experience for all!
Radhika Banbah
Events Secretary Conference
Radhika Banbah is a first year student in the Social Science department. She hopes to choose Psychology as her major next year. She was born in India but lived the majority of her life in the Philippines. She was an active part of her high school MUN, and having gained a rich experience, decided to join City U MUN. She is interested in MUN because she wants to understand world events and form her own opinions, after hearing about them from different perspectives. She believes it’s important that MUN gives delegates the opportunity to explore and understand events. Studying in an multi-cultural background uniquely prepares her in understanding events from different countries.

Sung Yeon Han
Digital Creative Media Secretary
SungYeon was born and raised in South Korea and moved to Hong Kong during her time in high school. After she moved to Hong Kong, she graduated an international school and currently attending City University of Hong Kong majoring in Creative Media. Model United Nation in CityU was initially introduced by few friends and being able to work with people from multicultural backgrounds in MUN fascinated her to be part of the team. Joining MUN, her aspiration is to contribute her artistic skill and enhance other relevant skills in the international and collaborative environment. She looks forward to cherishing opportunities to contribute and broaden her technical, teamwork and communication skills.

Queenie, So Ting Yi
Administrative Secretary
Queenie is a first-year local student studying applied social sciences. Not only does she like studying human behaviour, she also thinks it’s important to get to know more about global and local issues through different perspectives in order to broaden her horizons and to gain insight, which is one of the reasons why she joined the MUN committee. Besides, Queenie is a person who likes to face new challenges and try new things, that’s why she is glad to meet new people with different nationalities, which she can strengthen her skills in both socializing and communication. She thinks that it is also a great opportunity for her to work and cooperate with others in a new environment so that she is able to learn from others in terms of knowledge and leadership skills. Queenie believes joining the MUN not only helps her gain knowledge and skills, but also reminds her the importance of observing and understanding the world instead of just focusing on our own individual matters.
Aisha, Cheung Ka Man
Web Development Secretary
Aisha is a Year 2 Engineering Student Majored in System Engineering and Engineering Management at City University of Hong Kong who believes the importance of co-operative working. Having the skills of programming and web develop, she hopes to contribute to MUN. To do more promotion about the activities to attract students from different university even oversea students to join.