HKUST MUN 2018: Persevered, we did


Each year members of the CityU MUN community engage in conferences that benefit their intellectual and personal development. The HKUST MUN, held last week was no exception. With the focus on peacekeeping, resettlement and security of Syrian refugees, delegates from our university, representing countries of United States of America in the Security Council all the way to Romania in the Human Rights Council showcased their brilliance through diplomacy.


“It’s always an honour to represent CityU MUN at conferences. Also, it gave us an invaluable opportunity to broaden our network and hone on our public speaking skills.” The Outstanding Delegation of Russian Federation (Rohan Sabharwal and Rishabh Tandon) in UNHRC noted.

Two days of rigorous dialogue meant raising motions and supporting clauses as well as refuting those that needed revision. The Delegate of the United Kingdom (Osama Nasar) in the General Assembly stood out in this particular aspect when leading the majority bloc and working paper as well as garnering votes to the benefit of the council. He went on to indicate that HKUST MUN was a "reflective event" to test one's public speaking skills and the conference produced “fruitful discussions” and eventually resolutions to aid and possibly cure the upheavals of the Syrian refugee crisis.

Part and parcel of any MUN conference isn’t the number of awards a particular delegation wins; instead, it’s the quality of the debate they put forth. Our delegates lead resolutions in each committee and brought laurels to the University and the community, merited by their persistence and preparation. Moreover, we should anticipate high-calibre performances in future conferences and summits that will further enrich CityU MUN's roster.


We are delighted to present the delegates who received awards at HKUST MUN conference:
Security Council
Best position paper: Thomas
Best delegate: Sebastian Leicher
General Assembly
Best position paper: William Kerr-Phillips
Outstanding delegate: Fahim Abdullah Al and Osama Nasar
Best delegate: David Nowak
United Nations Human Rights Council
Outstanding delegate: Ruben Bronkhorst, Rishabh Tandon & Rohan Sabharwal
Best delegate: Tanya Balwani

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