Formal Facilitated Discussion Workshop - Be an Informed Global Citizen!


Last Thursday, we held our first Formal Facilitated Discussion Workshop, which enabled students to discuss contemporary political issues in real-time. Some of the discussion topics included the disappearance and gruesome murder of the Saudi Arabian Journalist Jamal Khashoggi as well as the official legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada.

During the debate, students brought to light critical issues surrounding our political climate such as the infringement of freedom of expression and speech in Arab countries and the implications of legalising recreational marijuana. Not only did students engage in heated discussion about these topics, but also proposed solutions. Students stressed the importance of protecting journalists and acknowledged matters of regulation upon drug legalization.

The facilitated debate prepare students for future MUN conferences and allow them to become well acquainted with current international affairs. It also cultivates confidence, leadership, teamwork and diplomacy skills.

Sarah Nasayao
Publications Secretary

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