Pitch Competitions Prepare Community Members For Real World Businesses


On the 1st of November, we held a Professional Development Workshop, wherein several members of the community collaborated in groups of 4-5 each. The theme of the workshop centred around the futuristic symbiosis between humans and technology in 2030. The purpose of hosting such a workshop was to explore a means through which individuals could develop and enhance skills used in professional environments. The workshop is also specifically tailored to accelerate learning on a topic, in this case, it was blurring the lines between humanity and the scope of technology.

An array of ideas were presented; ranging from “LSD, Love for Side Dishes”, a unique product, where, if executed rightly could transcend borders and bring the authentic flavours of a cuisine to people with the least access to them; to “Neusight, A new way of seeing”, a proposition to extend the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality, to accommodate for a whole host of applications, such as addressing special learning needs and opening new avenues of research.

There was no doubt that the interaction and collaboration paved way for innovative solutions to pre-existing and probable problems to come through. This experience is vital to any and all forms of professional presentation and CityU MUN will continue to facilitate environments where newcomers and experienced individuals alike can work and learn from one another.

Tanya Balwani
Publications Manager

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