About Us

CityU Model United Nations

Established in 2011, CityU MUN aims to raise the awareness of students towards global issues, international affairs and cross-cultural problems. CityU MUN provides a platform for students to exchange and share their ideas on global issues and current affairs in a simulation of a United Nations conference. We aim to enhance and improve skills in debating, persuading, public speaking and leadership. Training sessions, facilitated discussions and a simulated UN conference will be held during the course of the academic year. Since 2014/15, CityU MUN has received tremendous support and advice from CityU’s Career and Leadership Centre under Student Development Services of the University. We hope to help you achieve your MUN goals by providing you with the opportunities and platform to grow and learn.

What is Model United Nations (MUN)?

Model United Nations is an educational simulation in which students have the opportunity to learn, debate and study issues faced globally. Students will join simulated UN Committees, delegations and will attend conferences and training sessions. Model United Nations engages foundational yet critical skills: writing, public speaking, critical thinking, research, debating, teamwork and leadership.

Why Join CityU MUN?

International Experience

Skill Development

Network Expansion

CityU MUN offers a unique opportunity to explore, engage and experience what it’s like to be a part of the United Nations. By joining CityU MUN, you will gain invaluable international experience and participate in various conferences. In doing so, you will develop a unique skillset focussed on debating, public speaking, critical thinking and teamwork. By travelling and working with others, you will be exposed to a variety of cultures and meet numerous people. Join CityU MUN now!